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The terms of service have been updated on the 30th May 2018. Please review these.

NerdThings Terms and Conditions. (Revised, 30/05/2018)

Article 1: Use of Servers.

  1. By using our servers and logging into your NerdAccount, you agree to us collecting all the information described in Article 8.
  2. By using an application that logs in with a NerdAccount, it is your responsibility to check the legitimacy of the site before using it. NerdThings is not responsible for issues regarding 3rd party logins.
  3. If you wish for your account to be terminated, contact a member of staff and you will get your account removed as quickly as possible.
  4. If your account has been accessed from more that 3 IP's within one month, your account will be locked for safety. You will need to reach out to a member of staff to get the account unlocked and resecured.

Article 2: Community Rules

This section applies to ANY NerdThings community, be it Discord, Forums or any other chat zone.

  1. Sharing of files that are not owned by yourself and do not have a virus total/checker link will be removed, along with your priveleges to post links and downloads etc.
  2. Any voilation of a member of the communities rights will result in your access to the community to be revoked.
  3. If personal information is shared without concent from the involved user, the information will be purged as quickly after the content is reported and the poster will have access to the community revoked.
  4. If NSFW (18+) content is shared in a non-NSFW zone, you will be have access to the community instantly revoked.
  5. Racism, Sexism or any other type of discrimination will result in your access to the community to be revoked.
  6. Do not attempt to impersonate staff members, doing so will result with revokation of access to the community.
  7. Discussion of any illegal practices or materials will result in an instant ban.

Article 3: Developers

This section only applies to software developers who use our APIs.

  1. If an application uses a 3rd party client, the developer who developed the client will be revoked access to API endpoints upon abuse of said client.
  2. If you wish to create a 3rd party API, please make sure that this is open sourced and uploaded onto GitHub, and shared with a staff member.
  3. If a verified client is not updated to a major protocol update within 7 days, it will become unverified until it is updated.
  4. If a developer features NerdAccount integration on their own website, you must not store any information in any form unless consulting the user.

Article 4: Purchases of Products

This section applies to any NerdThings operated storefront (1st and 3rd Party Stores)

  1. Digital products purchased sites lile Selly or Rocketr will have activation keys sent to the email of the buyer.
  2. If purchasing from an app store for Windows, XBOX or Android, the content will be released immediately and will be subject to both our terms and the terms of the respective storefront.
  3. Chargebacks and Refunds from any of these storefronts will result in your product activation being voided and you having to re-purchase the products.
  4. Digital Products can not be shared, activation keys are one time use and will allow an infinite number of installs.
  5. Reselling keys is permitted (Through Selly, Rocketr, G2A etc.), but you must abide by NerdThings terms during the sale of the product, the price may be set to anything that you wish.
  6. There are no plans to allow reselling of redeemed products at this time.
  7. Family Sharing will be added to these terms once we have implemented the policy.

Article 5: Multiplayer Services

Multiplayer Services Terms will be added upon opening of said services.

Article 6: Discontinuation of Support for Products

This article deals with NerdThings right to discontinue any service or product with the choice of giving advance warning.

  1. NerdThings reserves the right to discontinue a product's development at any point.
  2. NerdThings can discontinue a product by either ceasing to release updates or ceasing to provide access to files or services for it.
  3. When a Physical Product is cancelled, NerdThings must complete all current orders before ending.
  4. When a Digital Product is cancelled, NerdThings have the choice to give up to 6 Months of warning. This is not always going to be used.
  5. If someone has purchased a Digital Product within 1 month of cancellation, they will have the option to get a gift card for our store with credit equal to the amount they paid for the product. (Gift Cards Coming Soon!)

Article 7: Gold Subscriptions

This section applies to anyone with a gold membership. NOTICE: Gold Memberships are currently unavailable.

Article 8: Data Collection

NerdThings collects the following data about it's users:

  1. IP Addresses, these are kept to protect the account from unauthorized sharing
  2. Email, for reaching out to users
  3. First and Last Names for addressing users in emails
  4. PC Hardware Id, this is only used for products that use Hardware identification schemes to determine if you own a product.
You reserve the right to decide whether or not you wish to have this information to be collected, if you do not wish for the information to be collected, please do not register, if you already have, email Support to have all data about you purged immediately.

Article 9: Staff

These terms only apply to Staff members.

  1. Staff members must bring up any business oriented action with Management before continuing to execute an action.
  2. Any leaking of any plans, assets or related material will result in a temporary suspension.
  3. Staff must agree on dates for product releases, cancellations and announcements.

Article 10: Volunteers

This article only applies to Volunteers.

  1. You are not obliged to do anything on a time schedule.
  2. You must be semi-active in the communities/areas of work.
  3. You must not leak any plans, assets or related material, this will result in a permanent suspension.
  4. Major projects will not be shared with Volunteers until the project is completed/released/canceled.