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About NerdThings

How NerdThings Started

NerdThings was created back in the early months of 2016 when a group of S1's had a task to make a product to sell, this group chose to make a game. The game was then updated quite frequently, and admittedly, it wasn't very good. NerdThings continued to release a second game at christmas time called "Santa VS The Aliens", which wasn't much better. NerdThings then went silent as most of the group lost interest.

NerdThings Revival

After about a year and a half of underground development, NerdThings has returned. NerdThings also now has a number of overseas volunteers ranging from Programmers to Graphic Designers and Discord Moderators. The team now only consists of 3 staff members, of whom are from the original S1 team, the rest of the old team disbanded.

Current Occupation

We are currently working on our next game, planned for it's first unvailing around Q3 of 2018. This game will be the first game by the new and more focussed team.


Staff are those who are able to phsyically contact the Management team.

Reece Mackie

Manager & Head Programmer

Currently working on CLASSIFIED PROJECT.


Volunteers are those who offer some help now and again for free, generally from overseas where no physical contact can be made.


Discord Community Manager

Dylan Dark

Discord Moderator


Open Source Team


Open Source Team


Partners are friends of NerdThings who we work closely with.

No Partners

NerdThings does not currently have any partners.